What Matters

This world is so lonely,

few friends to relate.

Small talk is all they give.

How is that any way to live?


My landlord doesn’t understand

why the rent is late.

He calls… and calls.. and calls.. and calls,

Just to belittle and berate.


Given crumbs to work like a robot

and still, the bills can’t be paid.

my body and spirit can’t meet the demand.

Little compensation for the hours I’ve given.

Always struggling. This just isn’t living.


My car breaks down on the way home from work.

It never runs right.  Just a hand-me-down from a jerk.

I kick my car door and cuss in anger,

pushing it to the side of the road and out of danger.

I have to walk home because my cell phone doesn’t work.


There goes the dog

bolting through the neighborhood.

All I did was open the front door.

Won’t come when I call her.

Just runs away before I catch her collar.

Animal control will be called soon.

Maybe they’ll take her away for good.


I just can’t take this anymore.

I’m exhausted and defeated.


The greeting I give my husband is ignored.

He never looks at me with interest now.

He just sits around and says he’s bored.


This can’t be living.

There has to be more.


My little girl comes to greet me

as I sit down and think life is just a cruel chore.

She drew me a picture with the two of us smiling.


Holding it up proudly

She shouts

“Mommy! It’s me and you!”


I hug her tightly as she beams with a grin.

That sweet childlike picture is more than a win.


It’s that sweet little gesture that makes me see.

I am loved so much. There’s no need to grieve.


I hang her picture on the fridge.

And cry a bit as I smile.


My life is hard and stressful,

but the little things like this make it all worthwhile.

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