Upcoming Review List Summer 2018

Hello everyone!

Here is my current To Read (or re-read) list.

These are in no particular order and are only placed in a general genre (some might be listed twice in different genres). This should give you a general idea of what to look for in my upcoming reviews over the summer.

I’m trying to stay away from poetry books for awhile, simply because I seem to be reviewing way too many of them lately.  I want you guys to have variety!

Each title links up to it’s Amazon page for more information (Synopsis, price, availability, etc.)  Happy reading!

Feel free to leave me recommendations in the comments section!

Science Fiction, Speculative fiction, Dystopia and Utopia




Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Psychological




Young Adult

Supernatural, Horror

Historical Fiction

Contemporary, Domestic Fiction, Uncategorized.


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