Klorrie’s 2023 Updates and Plans

I’m not sure if I have any active followers anymore since it’s been well over a year since I’ve updated this blog, but I am hoping that 2023 will be the year I can bring new life to this site. Life has kicked me in the ass hard since 2020, and I am just now starting to pull myself out of my own head and trying to get back to doing the things that I enjoy. I hope that I can stay committed to the blog this time and that my desire to start it up again is not just a manic episode that fizzles out before I ever see my new ideas come to full fruition. Having said that, there are a lot of changes that I am thinking about making– mostly in the form of additions. I thought I might run them buy the readers I have left so that you guys will know what to expect.

Will I still be doing book reviews?

Yes. The book reviews are still going to be a main staple of this blog, but here are a few directions I am thinking about taking it:

  1. Changing my rating system. All of my past book reviews have been based on the same 5-star rating system that Goodreads uses. That has worked out okay for me for the most part, but I’m wondering if perhaps I should simplify it to a more “thumbs up or down” system.
  2. The Klorrie Award. The Klorrie Award would be a special award rewarded to authors or books that I feel are exceptional. By exceptional, I mean they get what on my current system is a 5-star rating. Any book that I’ve already reviewed with a 5-star rating would automatically get a Klorrie Award. Recipients would receive my custom award logo that they are more than welcome to display on their website, or even their book covers. They would also be added to my Hall of Fame page. This will also open the door for me to do Spotlights, Author Interviews and other promotions to help the author and myself get more publicity.
  3. Changing the presentation of my reviews. Now that I have upgraded my WordPress account and have access to new add-ons, I am going to experiment with different ways I can present my material. My goal is to make it as reader friendly as possible. I have already started making changes to the home page of this site, which brings me to the next part of my plan…

Will I still post my poetry and other writing?

Yes. BUT… not all of it will be visible to everyone (this only applies to my writing, not the book reviews). While I do intend on making some of my writing a free-for-all to view, I will more than likely set up something like a Patreon account and give special access to those who subscribe or whatever. I’m not entirely sure on how I am going to work that yet, and any suggestions would be appreciated. The money earned would help me maintain this site and keep my WordPress membership payed. It would also help me ensure that my stories/poems that are meant for mature audiences aren’t as easily accessible to children. I will be posting more than just poetry. The future will also include updates on my novel progress, original character profiles and short stories. Patrons/Subscribers/Donators would also get signed hard copies of any future book I publish. I might even start a Podcast and member-exclusive Discord channel if things go really well.

What are the other additions you plan on adding to your blog?

I am expanding my horizons to other topics. I love doing book reviews and I love writing, but I am also passionate about other things as well and would love to share them. This includes:

  1. My art and photography. While I definitely do not consider myself anywhere close to a professional, I adore making art and I would like to share more of it on here. I also love the art of other’s and would love to do blogs that showcase different artists. Art product Reviews might also be a possibility in the future.
  2. Film and Gaming Reviews, etc. I would love to expand my reviews to include things like film, gaming, music and other forms of entertainment. I also love nostalgia from when I was growing up, which means I will be showing my age a lot more with posts geared toward my fellow Xennials.

So there you have it. I don’t think I have forgotten anything. Again, this might all just be the dreams of my manic mind, but I truly want to see if I have what it takes to make this blog something much better than what it is now. At the moment, I am going through every page and menu; rebuilding and reorganizing. I’m setting a goal for myself that I will be posting again on a regular basis by March. Wish me luck!

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