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We Never Get Snow Down Here
by Klorrie D.

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In a city that rarely sees snow, a young woman stands on the roof of a building and watches as the first snowflakes of an upcoming blizzard begin to fall. As each snowflake lands on her, different memories and stories are triggered; as she recalls in snow-crafted poetry that every time she has lost something or someone in her life, it has always been snowing.

Restless Reflections
by Klorrie D.

Now Available in Paperback and Kindle Format on Amazon!

A collection of poetry that dives deep into the heavy emotions that come with memories, the passage of time, identity, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, love, longing, heartbreak and other life experiences.  The book is divided into 8 parts.

Celestial Threads’ and ‘Seasons Change’ are poems based on celestial and seasonal metaphors.

‘Time & Memory’ and ‘Aftermath of Love’ are poems based on the passage of time, the burden of memories, the loss of a lover and the difficulty of moving on.

‘He Shot Himself’ deals with a family member that committed suicide and ‘Anguish Suits Her’ deals with mental illness and suicidal thoughts.

Also includes ‘6 Word Stories’ and the story of ‘The Lonely Rose’.

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