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My passion for writing stretches far beyond six-word notes.  I also love writing poetry and sketch stories, all of which can be found here.

Book Reviews

I love reading and want to share my personal library with everyone!  This site features book reviews and will hopefully encourage open discussion about the fictional worlds and scenarios we love to lose ourselves in!

I am re-reading every book on my bookshelf, as well as adding brand new ones.

I include books from every genre– bestsellers, classics, lesser-known and independent authors alike! Click here for the latest

office-notes-colorful-paper.jpgKlorrie Notes

I often write six-word notes to myself, many of which might qualify for a six-word story or poem. Some of them seem more like random thoughts than stories, so I simply refer to them as “Klorrie Notes”.

Photography and Design

If you share my love of photography and graphic design, be sure to visit my Tumblr blog! I take my camera with me almost everywhere I go! Click here!

In the snow. 2018

Following Woofy

Check out my fun photography project! Follow my childhood stuffed puppy, Woofy as he gets out and explores the world! Help find him when he plays hide and seek! This photography blog is meant to be a fun way to encourage kids to go outside and observe the world around them. Click here!




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