About Klorrie

profileHi!  My name is Klorrie!

I am a writer above all, but also a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer.

Storytelling has always been my passion.  I started writing small stories when I was in second grade and discovered my ability to compose effective poetry in the fifth.

I don’t consider myself a potential best-seller by any means, but that doesn’t matter to me.  I write for pure pleasure. If I happen to reach even one reader out there with my words, then that makes it all worth it. If not, then that’s okay too.  I just enjoy writing.  It’s my outlet.

I recently completed and self-published my first poetry book on Amazon through CreateSpace. Presently, I am in the progress of writing my first novel, which will fall into the Fantasy genre.

I love reading and have found that writing book reviews and asking questions about them is a great way to share that passion.


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