When It Has to End

I just sliced through an artery to bleed ... for the sake of stopping the smaller, damage-over-time cuts that I've sliced now for so many years; keeping them hidden from view. Is this truley the only solution? I didn't want this and I still don't. It hurts going in this deep, but it needs to... Continue Reading →

Reminder of What We Were

Old poetry from all those years ago, Awakens feelings in me That won’t let go. I’ve thought a lot about this, Just so you know. I think I understand now What I should have already known. My memory plays tricks on me, but I can not deny what was written in those days in which... Continue Reading →


The string that binds us Is but a single thread of the great web. Only when a dewdrop clings May that one thread shimmer, Setting it apart from the rest Should that string be cut, Only the dewdrop would perish. Find this poem in my poetry book, Restless Reflections: A Collection of Poetry

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