The Guy That Liked the Deftones

The guy that likes the Deftones.
That used to be his name.

He’d come into my music store
We’d spend awhile
discussing the latest
musical lore.

He dressed like Jonathan Davis.
His eyes were ashy gray.

I always asked when I started my shift
“Has the guy that likes the Deftones
stopped by today?”

His hair was long and silky
Light brown and groomed so well.
His voice was soft and kind

And his intellect…
what a beautiful mind!

He worked at the old Regal theater,
right across the parking lot from me.
He’d stop by my store
on his lunch breaks.

We’d talk and we’d talk,
then he’d go back to work late.

He made my heart flutter
when he’d stop by to visit.

I thought he was perfect.
I gathered my courage.
I asked that guy out
on a date before it was too late.

We went to a coffee house
and I realized then,
this wasn’t the music store anymore,

It was just me and him.

Fierce panic attacked me,
I wanted to die.

I knew at that moment,
that it was the beginning
of our goodbye.

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