I hope everyone has had an awesome summer! Mine has been full of surprises! I wanted to touch base with my readers to let you guys know I will be taking a break from book reviews for a few weeks.  I am in the beginning stages of relocating to a new area and my schedule has been consumed with packing, getting my house ready to put on the market, finding a new house to move into… and that’s only the beginning of what I have on my plate at the moment!  All is chaos in the land of Klorrie!

Expect my next review to be posted sometime in mid to late September.  I am currently reading Book 2 to the Vampire Earth series, Choice of the Cat.  Sadly, I have only been averaging about a chapter a week with everything going on.

I will still post favorite book quotes and random Klorrie Notes as I think of them, but I will make sure not to wear you guys out on them.  Perhaps two a week?

Once I get settled in my new location, I hope to start producing videos and start my own Youtube channel.  I would love to become a Booktuber, but this is only an idea of mine currently that I can only hope will come to fruition.

Until next time,  happy reading everyone!


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