I’m Back!

Hello to you all!  I feel like I’ve been away for years, though I know I’ve only been gone since August!  I have finally completed my move to a new area and resolved all those little life issues that were destroying my peace of mind!  On to the next chapter in my life– the begining of a new book in my life series! Ha ha!

Now that I am settled in my new home for the most part, I can finally resume keeping this blog updated, reading all of the books that I love so much, and writing my poetry!

Expect my next book reviews to be as follows:

1- Poems From The Pits by Jasmine Z Harris

2- Choice of the Cat, Book 2 of Vampire Earth  by E.E. Knight

But wait… what’s this that happened while I was gone?  Nice! Kent Wayne’s Echo Volume 4: The Last Edge of Darkness is now available for my reading pleasure! What an awesome surprise!  Just purchased my digital copy and put on my read list!

My Upcoming Review List will be altered in the days to come as many of my books are still packed away.  Also, I am working on getting a Youtube channel started.  I think the biggest thing holding me back with that at this point is the fact that I am not fond of being on camera, but I promised my daughter I would at the very least try to overcome my fear.  Wish me luck with that!

I am so happy to be back and can’t wait to start connecting with everyone again!


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