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Authors!  Do you have a book you would like me to read and review?

Book reviews are not only a vital part of marketing your book, they are a great way of receiving constructive feedback and growing your writing skills!

If you are interested in me reading your book and giving it an honest review, email me a brief summary as well as a copy of it as a PDF or Mobi file.  If you do not have a copy available in digital form, email me a request anyway and I shall give you a physical address to mail me a copy.

Any requests will automatically take top priority on my “To Read” list. I will read and review them in the order that they are received.

I will also leave a review on Amazon if applicable.

I enjoy a variety of genres for all age groups. The few that I do not typically enjoy include war novels, romance, religious and political books.  There are exceptions, of course! I have been known to step out of my comfort zone.   Know that if I go into the deal not caring much for the genre, to begin with, I will have a harder time relating to it and my review might be biased and not in your best interest.

Fiction only, please! As much as I love non-fiction, I do not review them at this time.  Also, I will review graphic novels, comic books, manga, short stories and poetry collections.

And remember above all that even the greatest pieces of literature receive bad reviews.  Not everyone likes the same things, so please do not get discouraged if I don’t give you the 5-star review you’re hoping for.


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