A Memory’s Dance

A memory is but a dying flame, Fighting to consume just enough oxygen So that it may linger a while longer, Before it inevitably slips away. The memories of us flicker in my mind. The one of how I want to remember it. And the one of what we truly were. Yet, do they not... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossoms

I once chanced upon a beautiful forest of cherry blossoms. After years of wandering in the dark alone, I welcomed the embrace of the gentle breeze, leading me further and further into the heart of this bewitching wonder. Each and every petal sang a song, leaving me to wonder how I happened upon such delicate... Continue Reading →


How may the blossom still flourish if the brightest ray of the sun is extinguished? To soak in its beam only once before it fades away is enough to bloom. Yet the petals are forever stained with the longing to feel its warmth once more.  

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