My Poetry Book is Now Available on Kindle

Hello all!  I am happy to announce that my poetry book, Restless Reflections is now available on Kindle.

I will not lie. I am not happy with the formating.  There is no table of contents included on the digital version, nor are there proper page breaks.  I had to remove the images that are included in the paperback as well because I couldn’t get them to anchor right. It’s just poem after poem, with no layout personality. I already know that alone is going to make my reviews suffer.  The paperback version is just so much better!

And that brings me to a question for those of you who have experiecnein laying out Kindle or Epub files:  How do you get around publishing either file without it removing all of the white space/page breaks?  I haven’t figured out the process of making a table of contents page either.  I’m still very new to this, and would probably do well to look up some Youtube tutorials.

As I learn more about how to do a decent digital layout, I will update it.  For now, you can read the current version on Kindle Unlimited for free!  If you’re not a member yet, visit here to sign up for a free 30 day trial or buy to read for only $0.99!

If you would rather have the paperback version (much prettier), you can find it here for $6.99.  Happy reading!

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